To withdraw your position from a Risk Harbor protection pool, you first need to have an underwriting position.
On the home page of the Risk Harbor app here, you will be able to see your underwriting position. Select the position you want to withdraw from.
Please note that if the pool matching your price point is fully utilized you will need to wait until someone deposits funds or wait until expiry.
Once you select your position, you will see the pool page related to your position. Select the underwriting tab, and withdraw on the drop-down menu.
You will then need to select the position you wish to withdraw in the dropdown menu.
Enter the amount you wish to withdraw from a position and initiate the withdrawal process. Again, if you’re unable to fully withdraw your position, it is because someone purchased protection from your underwritten position.
Once the Start Withdraw transaction has been confirmed on Etherscan, you will have to wait 12 hours due to the withdrawal cooldown. We added this cooldown as an MEV and front-running protection mechanism. During this waiting period, the withdraw button will display the cooldown clock.
Once the countdown has been completed, you will be able to initiate the final Withdraw transaction. You have a 12-hour window once the cooldown has concluded to finish your withdrawal. The button will then change to Finish Withdraw as seen below. If not, you have missed the window and you will need to initiate the withdrawal again.
Last modified 2mo ago
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