Underwriters at risk harbor earn premiums from policyholders and can stake to earn ticket rewards that will eventually be redeemable for governance tokens. This step-by-step guide walks you through how to underwrite in the BarnBridge cUSDC pool.

Here's a quick video:

All you need to start off is some USDC

Step 1: Stake your USDC in yearn to receive yvUSDC

Navigate to yearn.finance/vaults and click show on the USDC vault tab.
Enter the amount you want to purchase and click deposit.
Approve the transaction using your wallet of choice. You now have yvUSDC in your wallet and are ready to deposit it into Risk Harbor.

Step2: Deposit the yvUSDC into the Risk Harbor Pool

Now navigate to https://app.riskharbor.com/home and select the pool that you want to add underwriting capital to.
Landing Page
bb_cUSDC pool page
Click on the underwrite tab in the box on the right.
Choose a price point to underwrite at (the lower the price point, the higher your staking rewards will be).
Enter the amount of yvUSDC that you want to deposit and then click deposit. This is a two-step process that requires you to approve depositing your yvUSDC into the pool and then approve the deposit transaction itself.
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